How to Create a Ruby on Rails App

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Install a database

Create a new project

Author.create(name: "William Shakespeare", country: "England")
Author.create(name: "Eiichiro Oda", country: "Japan")
Author.create(name: "Leo Tolstoy", country: "Russia")
Author.create(name: "Karl May", country: "Germany")
Author.create(name: "Gerard de Villiers", country: "France")
Author.create(name: "Agatha Christie", country: "England")
Author.create(name: "Alex Pushkin", country: "Russia")
Book.create(title: "Some Book", description: "Interesting", publisher: "XYZ", language: "Englisg", price: 10.00 , length_page: 123, published: true, author_id: 1)Book.create(title: "Super Book", description: "Interesting and long", publisher: "ZZZ", language: "Japanese", price: 25.00 , length_page: 457, published: true, author_id: 2)Book.create(title: "Interesting Book", description: "Good and mysterious", publisher: "SSS", language: "Russian", price: 99.00 , length_page: 520, published: false, author_id: 3)Book.create(title: "Long Book", description: "Fascinating", publisher: "SomeCompany", language: "German", price: 13.00 , length_page: 50, published: true, author_id: 4)Book.create(title: "Short Book", description: "Jaw dropping", publisher: "BookLLC", language: "French", price: 25.00 , length_page: 999, published: true, author_id: 5)Book.create(title: "XYZ Book", description: "Astonishing", publisher: "BooksForAll", language: "Englisg", price: 8.00 , length_page: 260, published: false, author_id: 6)Book.create(title: "Book", description: "Impressive", publisher: "SuperBooks", language: "Russian", price: 3.00 , length_page: 10, published: true, author_id: 7)
rails generate controller Authors
rails generate controller Books





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